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A California bill aims to decriminalise psychedelic and recreational drugs. The bill has been introduced by Democrat senator Scott Wiener and is one of the most progressive drug reform bills in US history. It has been submitted to the California state legislature and seeks to decriminalise the possession and personal use of psychedelic drugs LSD, […]

A goose got high and collapsed after eating a cocktail of pills that had been littered across a Californian park. According to Metro the Canada goose was seen lying flat on its back after eating the prescription sedatives. Hundreds of pills were found scattered across the grass at Carr Park in the Huntington Beach area. A seagull […]

Ricardo Villalobos will no longer be making his US West Coast debut next month due to visa issues. The Chilean-German dance music icon has only made a handful of US appearances before and had never once stepped foot in California. Villalobos was booked to perform in San Francisco on November 8 and 10 alongside DJ Sneak before the pair […]

The majority of participants in trials using MDMA as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reacted well to the study. One year after the study was completed, 16 of the 26 involved – including 22 military veterans, three firefighters and a police officer – were no longer regarded to be suffering from PTSD. There […]

Over the past few months, a bill had begun circulating and rising through the processes of approval that aimed to give local governments within the state of California the option to extend their county’s last call time for alcohol to 4 AM from the current limit of 2 AM. The proposed bill had passed through Senate […]

Having already helped lead the way in marijuana legalisation, California may be on its way to legalising magic mushrooms as well. Newly proposed legislation wants to see the main ingredient in mushrooms, psilocybin, decriminalised so that anyone over the age of 21 won’t be penalised for selling, growing, possessing or transporting the substance. Residents could […]

American Green Inc., a US marijuana company, recently purchased a plot of land in California that serves as the location of a small town called Nipton. The company bought the land, which is 120 acres with only 20 inhabitants, for just $5 million and plans to establish somewhat of a cannabis oasis that manufactures edibles, […]