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it all started when I was a young raver going to events like garage nation and slamin vinyl I was really inspired by djs like nicky blackmarket  and mike ruffcut Lloyd.
That’s when I brought my first set of Numarks mixing garage and drum an bass but at the time I was more of a raver than a dj as I started going to illegal raves on the fields round Luton area which were the good old dayz.
I remember at one there was a helicopter out all night and soon as sun started coming up all the riot police were marching down the field with there shields and horses and everyone made a circle with there cars to protect the djs .
Through the years I moved back up north which I then got into scouse house and hardcore scene and going wigan pier which was bouncy and listening to  pleasure rooms on juice fm.
I’ve always enjoyed mixing and remixing just wish I had of stuck it out more in the early years but now I mainly mix house with the extra kick and music is sticking this time round as its my life.

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