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Mother Marygold releases latest single, ‘Gold In My Dome’

Written by on 10th March 2022

Mother Marygold releases latest single, ‘Gold In My Dome’

Mother Marygold has released her latest single, ‘Gold In My Dome’, via Mad World.

The track is dubbed a ‘rap tune slash club banger’ – which showcases Marygold’s mystical vocals over a four-to-the-floor beat from Joy Anonymous.

‘Gold In My Dome’ also comes with a remix from Mad World’s Party Nails.

This two and a half minute release from Marygold holds a pulsating beat and has already been noted by the label as not the only release she has forthcoming this year.

Mad World has also hinted at upcoming releases from a variety of other acts signed to their label: which refers to itself as ‘an international operation like MI5, but with better tunes and less weapons’.

Mother Marygold is an artist born and raised in New Orleans, who now lives in North Carolina. ‘Gold In My Dome’ is her first release since 2021’s ‘Get Down’.

You can check out Mother Marygold’s ‘Gold In My Dome’ here.