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Nightclubs and festivals can reopen from June 21

Written by on 27th February 2021

Nightclubs and festivals can reopen from June 21

Nightclubs and festivals in England will be able to reopen from June 21.

In the roadmap announced today by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the government hopes to lift all legal limits on social contact by June 21.

The government also wants large events to be able to go ahead by this date.

This means that nightclubs could reopen and restrictions on music festivals could be lifted as long as coronavirus cases, deaths and hospital admissions continue to fall.

If this is the case, nightclubs and festivals will reopen from June 21 at the earliest.

The road back to nightclubs and festivals begins in the second phase of the roadmap on April 12 when outdoor hospitality – including pubs and restaurants – can resume. The rule of six will be applied and events such as outdoor drinking and dining soundtracked by a DJ could take place.

Phase three comes into play on May 17, when most social contact rules will be lifted while outdoors (no gatherings over 30 though) and when “indoor hospitality” will be able to open indoors with the rule of six (think pubs, restaurants, the cinema etc).

On this date, “outdoor performances” with an audience of 4000 and “indoor performances” with an audience of 1000 will be allowed to take place – the wording here is ambiguous, so we’ll assume it means seated events such as theatre or live music events.

Then, when the final phase comes in on June 21 and if all goes according to plan, the government will lift all legal limits on social contact and move to reopen nightclubs, festivals and other large events such as weddings.

The roadmap has been detailed by Sky News and is currently being announced in parliament by the Prime Minister.