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LSD could help people overcome alcohol dependency

Written by on 27th May 2019

LSD could help people overcome alcohol dependency

A new study suggests that taking psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms could help overcome alcohol dependency.

A survey was sent to 343 people who had experienced problems with alcohol before they took psychedelics. The results revealed that many of the participants had dramatically decreased the number of drinks they consumed a year after their psychedelic experience.

83 per cent no longer met ‘alcohol use disorder’ criteria, and 28 per cent said their psychedelic experience was the reason they changed their lifestyle.

Dr Matthew Johnson, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told Inverse: “When you talk to someone who has managed to overcome addiction, they often talk about who they had to answer big-picture questions that connect to what’s important in life.

“Psychedelics prompt those kinds of questions. Even though we have a lot more to explore, I think it’s likely that its the intense nature of the drug’s psychological experience that’s underlying its high success rates.”

Psychedelics have recently been linked to curing depression, and the worlds first Centre for Psychedelic Research opened in London earlier this year.

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