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Police are patrolling a Welsh village so no one finds a hidden 40-year-old LSD stash

Written by on 5th July 2017

Police are patrolling a Welsh village so no one finds a hidden 40-year-old LSD stash

A stash of LSD is supposedly hidden in a Welsh village, leading to police keeping watch to ward off anyone trying to find it.

Police fear there may still be a large stash located in Carno, west Wales after a raid of a mansion in 1977 which thwarted a multimillion pound drug operation. Police say the contents – including one million tabs and ingredients to make 6.5 million more – found at the time may have been supplying 90 per cent of LSD in the UK.

Dyfed-Powys police have warned local residents officers will be patrolling the area after a detective of the ’77 investigation said a portion of the supply may still be in the area.

In his book Undercover: Operation Julieformer officer Stephen Bentley claims a statement of a member of the drug gang says contents are hidden in a nearby woodland.

Bentley said: “I have made my mind up. That stash is almost certainly still there.”

According to the Guardian, the original investigation – Operation Julie – involved hundreds of disguised police officers descending on the village to locate the drug factory. Ridiculously, those out of uniform reportedly fought with uniformed officers so their cover wasn’t blown. Locals even suspected undercover male officers to be a gay cult.

A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys police said: “Dyfed-Powys police are aware of the issue and are assessing the content of the disclosure. We will be checking the records we hold to establish whether or not matters raised warrant further investigation.

“In the meantime we will be making the current owners of Plas Llysyn aware of the disclosure and the potential for persons to visit the area in an attempt to locate the drugs. We will be providing them with reassurance through increased patrols.”

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