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Bath salts and ‘flakka’ have been found in hair samples of party drug users

Written by on 12th April 2017

Bath salts and 'flakka' have been found in hair samples of party drug users

A New York University (NYU) study has found that users of party drugs such as MDMA have been ingesting different chemicals unbeknown to them.

Spearheaded by Italian researcher Dr. Alberto Salomone, Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse and New Psychoactive Substances in a High-Risk Population tested hair samples of clubbers and festivagoers in New York from July to September 2015.

Twenty-five of the 80 samples were found to contain butylone, otherwise known as a bath salt, while methylone, another bath salt, and alpha-PVP, given the street term ‘Flakka’, were also found.

The find of flakka is worrying as it is said to cause “aggressive behaviour”, according to Drug AbuseDrug Abuse, while it has been linked to violent attacks in Florida in the past.

Following the study, Dr Palamar from NYU said: “We found that many people in the nightclub and festival scene have been using new drugs and our previous research has found that many of these people have been using unknowingly.”

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