A warning has been issued by police about dangerous ecstasy pills in the shape of a yellow octopus circulating in the south Wales area. The warning says the pills can cause “serious health issues” and any person who comes across any of the tablets is urged to call 101 to report it. A South Wales Police spokesman […]

May Day bank holiday approaches in the UK and a party atmosphere is crackling in the air. Welsh police reckon that can only mean one thing: illegal raves. Having already thwarted plans for a party in the Grade II-listed Bedwellty House in the town of Tredegar later this month, Welsh police are now taking extra care to […]

A “secret rave” which was supposed to take place in a historically-listed victorian house in the town of Tredegar in Wales, was thwarted by Gwent’s local council and police force. After applying for a temporary license to put on a 100 person music event at the charming Bedwellty House’s tea room on Friday, May 9, […]

Dave Thomas, forensic operations manager at the Scientific Support Unit, praised the JSIU’s use of fingerprint technology. “Specialist staff within the JSIU fully utilised their expert image-enhancing skills which enabled them to provide something that the unit’s fingerprint identification experts could work. Despite being provided with only a very small section of the fingerprint which […]

A stash of LSD is supposedly hidden in a Welsh village, leading to police keeping watch to ward off anyone trying to find it. Police fear there may still be a large stash located in Carno, west Wales after a raid of a mansion in 1977 which thwarted a multimillion pound drug operation. Police say […]

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