Soundcloud is taking steps to empower its users and help them monetize their music with SoundCloud Premier – a digital distribution service that uploads a user’s original music posted on SoundCloud to other streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Instagram and more so producers to get paid for their streams. While most digital […]

Spotting a sample is always fun and now one Spotify user has taken his talents to the masses. Going by the username amplesoulphysician, someone has collated over 1000 tracks that have been sampled by the crate digging and record collecting hip hop icon that is Madlib. Having worked on the playlist since last year, amplesoulphysician […]

Though Deadmau5 surely isn’t the name that comes to you when you hear “techno”, there’s no doubt that the Canadian producer has plenty of respect and appreciation for the genre. (He flies under the moniker Testpilot for rare techno appearances.) Over the weekend, he pulled together 496 tracks into one Spotify playlist featuring artists on […]

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