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The days of smashing back a few pints at the airport Wetherspoons may be coming to an end with Ryanair calling for a limit on how much passengers drink before flying. The budget airline is calling for a two-drink maximum after an investigation by BBC Panorama revealed a huge increase in disruptive incidents on planes and alcohol-related […]

We all know taking ecstasy makes you feel high, but it doesn’t actually elevate you to literal heights. Unless you’re a pilot for easyJet, that is. A French pilot for the British airline has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence after it was found he flew a plane while suffering from the after-effects of taking […]

Unlucky holiday makers returning from Ibiza experienced potentially the most stressful way to end a holiday after they were caught up in a massive electrical storm over Essex. Passengers on a Ryanair flight were left terrified after their plane reportedly dropped 100m when it hit bad weather over Stansted. The flight, which should have taken […]