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<p “=””>The Creative Footprint, a nonprofit civic initiative aiming to measure and index live music spaces, has its sights set on New York City.<p “=””>It first launched in Berlin in April, eventually marking the city’s Creative Footprint an 8.2 out of 10. The Creative Footprint offers a digestible analysis of a city’s nightlife scene using […]

The building that used to house the iconic Paradise Garage is being demolished. The Larry Levan fan page on Facebook posted pictures of the notice of demolition that has appeared on the club’s former home in recent days. The notice shows that permission for the demolition was granted in July. Since the club’s closure in 1987, the […]

Panorama Festival’s sophomore edition took place this past weekend in New York City, featuring big headlining moments from Nine Inch Nails, Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest, Solange and more. However, on the festival’s opening day on Friday, several artists were cancelled or delayed due to a stage floor collapsing in the afternoon. Said to […]

A New York University (NYU) study has found that users of party drugs such as MDMA have been ingesting different chemicals unbeknown to them. Spearheaded by Italian researcher Dr. Alberto Salomone, Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse and New Psychoactive Substances in a High-Risk Population tested hair samples of clubbers and festivagoers in New York […]