MDMA may be an illegal party drug but its potential usefulness for treating mental health problems has been highlighted by a new study. Neuroscientists at King’s College London and Oxford University, led by Mitul Mehta and Anthony Gabay, have conducted new research into the chemical. Their findings, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, indicate the drug has therapeutic effects that could […]

The majority of participants in trials using MDMA as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) reacted well to the study. One year after the study was completed, 16 of the 26 involved – including 22 military veterans, three firefighters and a police officer – were no longer regarded to be suffering from PTSD. There […]

Dave Thomas, forensic operations manager at the Scientific Support Unit, praised the JSIU’s use of fingerprint technology. “Specialist staff within the JSIU fully utilised their expert image-enhancing skills which enabled them to provide something that the unit’s fingerprint identification experts could work. Despite being provided with only a very small section of the fingerprint which […]

A new study has revealed the positive effects of magic mushrooms treating depression. 19 patients ingested the psychedelic ingredient psilocybin, with results showing that half of them had responded positively after five weeks. Reduced depressive symptoms happened as a result of decreased amygdala CBF, as stated by Scientific Reports. The study goes on to say: “The […]

A new study by American Addiction Centers has revealed that just 40.5 per cent of ecstasy pills sold in the UK contain MDMA. Based on results of testing kits and/or consumption of users, via Pill Reports, the Adulterant in Drugs study also showed that 21.4 per cent of pills in the UK contain MDxx, while 11.5 […]

Synthetic cannabinoid Spice is reportedly being sold as MDMA crystals in the Greater Manchester area. The Greater Manchester Drugs Early Warning System has released a statement following an incident in Oldham on Saturday, in which one man died and 11 people were rushed to hospital after they took what police said was “highly potent” MDMA. Posted […]

A new method of detecting ecstasy has been discovered, which could improve the reliability and simplicity of testing for the drug in home kits and for professional operations such as The Loop. The technique works by using an atom ball filled with molecules that are designed to exit the ball and light up when coming […]

There are concerns about large-scale parties being thrown by students in UK cities such as Newcastle, Manchester and Bristol. It is claimed Newcastle City Council has come across 136 in the past eight months, with many of the people attending said to be suffering severe comedowns due to taking MDMA that’s “the strongest available in […]

A New York University (NYU) study has found that users of party drugs such as MDMA have been ingesting different chemicals unbeknown to them. Spearheaded by Italian researcher Dr. Alberto Salomone, Hair Testing for Drugs of Abuse and New Psychoactive Substances in a High-Risk Population tested hair samples of clubbers and festivagoers in New York […]

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