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Denver, a city famous for blazing the trail for marijuana’s legalization in municipalities and states all over the nation, has become the first US city to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. The advocacy group Decriminalize Denver submitted petitions to Denver’s Election Division back in January in order to get a measure on the city’s ballot during its May election […]

A new study suggests that taking psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms could help overcome alcohol dependency. A survey was sent to 343 people who had experienced problems with alcohol before they took psychedelics. The results revealed that many of the participants had dramatically decreased the number of drinks they consumed a year after their psychedelic experience. 83 per […]

A new study has revealed the positive effects of magic mushrooms treating depression. 19 patients ingested the psychedelic ingredient psilocybin, with results showing that half of them had responded positively after five weeks. Reduced depressive symptoms happened as a result of decreased amygdala CBF, as stated by Scientific Reports. The study goes on to say: “The […]