The days following the fall of Berlin’s detested Wall on November 9 1989 were, as one might expect, fairly chaotic. The suddenness of the event – the structure was ostensibly brought down overnight by an administrative error – lent the subsequent days an uncertain and surreal atmosphere as thousands of denim-clad East Germans took the […]

Pioneer has released an updated version of it’s DJM-750 mixer. The MK2 comes with a range of upgrades, many of which have been taken from the club standard DJM-900NXS2 including the 900’s Magvel crossfader and the option to use isolator EQs. The DJM-750 MK2 has also inherited professional FX from the 900 with dub echo, […]

Looking for work this summer? Fancy going on a tour in an ice cream van? Yeo Valley’s latest job vacancy will appeal to you. The dairy company is after two people – one to DJ and one to serve ice cream – for festivals around the UK, offering a £24,000 pro-rata salary. A Yeo Valley […]

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