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15 packages containing more than £1 million of cocaine have been seized by Border Force officials after being discovered in a shipment of protective face masks. A 34-year-old Polish national, who was driving the van the 14kg find was discovered in, has been arrested and is being questioned. The investigation is now being handled by […]

A drug dealer who was caught with £57,000 of cocaine in his car in Swansea Valley told police he was a key worker returning from a night shift after his car was stopped and searched. The search turned up a package containing around £57,000 of cocaine. The police said drug possession with intent to supply […]

A judge in Mexico has approved the recreational use of cocaine for two people in what is being called a “historic step” by Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD) – the organization behind the case. The court order means the two claimants are allowed to “possess, transport and use cocaine” but not sell it. The country’s health authority, […]

Drug testing in night time economy areas should be introduced to reduce drug-related deaths, according to a new report. The report by The Loop, Volteface, Durham University and The All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform comes as deaths from cocaine and ecstasy are at an all-time high. It also suggests an independent information […]

$108 MILLION WORTH OF COCAINE HAS BEEN SEIZED IN SRI LANKA Asia’s biggest drug bust to date STORIES OF THE WEEK Two days packed with techno’s very best   Authorities in Sri Lanka have seized and destroyed the largest Asian cocaine shipment to date. The 928kg of drugs, valued at $108 million, were seized in […]