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We started dj`ing at private party's in the early 80`s playing soul and early breakdance back then.
But by the 90's and when acid house scene really got started here in the UK, we was going from party to party playing some of the fattest underground beats around.

Since then we have been constantly evolving in our music tastes, We both have gone through many genres in the club and underground scene playing House, Techno, Hip Hop, Jungle,
We always like to evolve and do things that others don’t, and have played regular radio slots including TIME FM (5hr) UNDERGROUND-STN ( 3hr )
As wel as headlining a new festival BUNTSFEST and being voted best act. Since then we`ve took some time out to promote and host some of our own gigs which there are more in the pipeline so keep a look out for more information of these events as they are planned.
We have been working in the Studio recently and are building up new tracks, which will be out on release soon.
Now finally we get to settle on World Dance Radio and look forward to bringing a great Drum N Bass show each week for you, with guests promos special mixes and more to come in the show.
The Twisted Twins, Have been around since the early days of the rave culture here in the UK back in the 90’s when motorways and warehouses were the norm and big weekenders the stable diet of many a eager young raver journeying into the music of Drum n Bass.twisted twins ep
The Twisted Twins are a dj duo who are full to the brim with experience in the music that is happening and this brings together their eagerly awaited EP “Sunnyside up”that was snapped up by red Alpha Records And out now to buy.
The twisted twins deliver and in a big way with the EP, It is exactly what the Drum N bass scene has been waiting for, Each track delivers as you listen through, To the vibrant wave of strings, bone crunching subs that really deliver, If The twisted twins wanted to make a mark with this EP then they have got this spot on.
SUNNYSIDE UP EP IS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY: Check out the tracks below and make sure to get this into your sets or else !

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