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Like most DJs my love of music came in my teenage years early 90s and of course to start it was just the general chart music.  But then I had found music that wasn’t mainstream and I loved it . I loved and from reggae I found jungle and pirate radio and World Dance.

Like most DJs my love of music came in my teenage years early 90s and of course to start it was just the general chart music. One day I was with my school friend Drew and he is of West Indian descent and he was listening to one of the Reggae hits Albums on his Sony walkman “remember those lol”. That was it I had found music that wasn’t mainstream and I loved it . Drew once a week supplied me a tape with a new reggae hits album but from reggae I found jungle and pirate radio stations and KOOL FM and then all I wanted to be was a DJ and learn to mix like the DJs on the radio.

When I was 16 just before I left school I got my first set of Sound Lab belt drive decks and spent all day and all night trying to learn to beat match but I just couldn’t do it so within 3 months I had flogged them.
Of course that wasn’t the end of the story because about 6 months after that I had really started getting in the the house and garage scene and was determined to give it another go so I did and with in 3 months I was mixing with the best of them well sort of lol. My record shop of choice was Rhythm and Bass Records Barking owned by the one and only R&B DJ Bigger and as I was one of his best customers he asked me to do a new years eve warm up set at city limits Romford and my DJ career started.

I played lots of parties and warm ups in around the east London Essex area but my big break was in 2001 when DJ Bigger again asked me if I was interested in doing a radio show and of course I bite his arm of for the chance. It was a commercial station called Active FM 107.5 . broadcasting to the east of London west Essex and Kent . I had to go for sound check for just to see if I sounded OK as i’m an east London boy and sound like that if you know what I mean geezer . I had to do a quick voice over and I will never forget the track it was Spiller groves jets {if this ain’t love} and mark the weekend controller at the time was so impressed with my radio voice, a bit like my telephone voice lol he asked me to start the very next week. It was a 3 hour grave yard shift Saturday 3-6am but I had total control over what I played and in them days it was the banging UKG .

From my show it got me more bookings and I was playing out about once a month once again in local bar and pubs
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.In 2003 I left active fm as the station was relaunching with a different format but that was great because it gave me back my Saturday nights and I went in to partnership with a good friend of mine DJ IQ our path crossed when I started my new show on a well know pirate radio station called Flava fm 87.6 and we set up our own monthly club night called Tempation’s in secrets night club Romford Essex. we had plenty of DJ and artist like Mark Ryder,special mc Ed Case just to name a few.

We ran that night for just over a year and had to pack it in as my partner couldn’t continue but I carried on with a new night I set up called soul selection at Secrets for about 6 months. I was then offered a job with Beeznezz promotions as resident DJ and head promotions organiser playing in clubs in around Essex like Secrets,Vivid and Elite, RM1 club,the circus tavern and of course the famous Hollywood’s. I worked with beeznezz for over 2 years and like most things that came to an end and so did my DJ career for 2 years as I had just bought my house and had a wonderful new baby boy Lewis.

But once again that wasn’t the end as I started getting itchy fingers. first things first I jumped straight back on to a new pirate radio station in east London which led me to a new weekly Friday/Saturday residency at the vale bar east Dulwich that was great not to big and not to small and a very nice venue I help to get there weekends from 10-20 people to a packed house within 3 months and I ran that night for 18 months until the owner of the bar decided it was time to retire and put his feet up and move back to Ireland. I then was playing on 2 different radio stations as well has playing at there events in around East London and Chelmsfordrd Essex. Then my good friend mikey DJ put me in touch with with the main man Joey vasquez and the rest is gravy . I hope to have your ears guys bass house tech electro and garage !!!


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