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When the rave scene hit I went to all the parties and I would head straight to the DJ area and  stand all night watching the DJ play.

The skill and precision of it had me mesmerized and I knew from then that this was what I wanted to be.
I teamed up with a friend of mine Phil, And together we went half each on a set of decks & a mixer had it set up and locked myself away for 4 months before and got right into the skill it took to master mixing and beat control.
I did this for months until i had it locked tight and could get one track into another.
I then spent another 4 months honing my skills until I could get one track into another within a minute and felt that I was truely rerady to get out there and play and show my skills.
There have been so many great djays i have heard but if i was to say who really had an effect on me I would say Fabio & Grooverider, Frankie Knuckles, & Graham Gold would come to the front when it comes to the different styles of music and mixing that helped me. back
I wouldn’t say my musical tastes have changed over the last, almost 30 years my style and taste in music has held firm even with so many new genres that have been introduced into the clubbing scene.
My style is still something I love and play House music, Funky, Uplifting & what they used to call Italian house, which was House music using the piano as the main instrument.
Over the years the clubs I have held residencies in are
Turnmills (Old Street)
Steppers (Brixton)
Soho Theater (West End)
There have been many one night sets at too many special club nights and raves clubs as well over my musical career. Playing for 3 private party promoters at various events and was in Spain (Tenerife)  for 2 years. something that i really enjoyed.
In my shows you can expect to hear a lot of promo’s, funky, uplifting house music, with a few older tracks peppering my sets so make sure to stop by for this show its going to be special.

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