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At the age of 5 started playing synthesizers and multiple other instruments teaching myself the basics of music.
At the age of 14 I started spinning vinyl and learning to control a room with my love of Drum and Bass, But also realized the subtly of other genres such as Trance, Techno and House.


My love for these music styles pushed me into the underground raves and house parties of Houston Texas at 17 years old.

I then quickly graduated to the club shows and held numerous small residencies in both Houston and Austin.
After some life changing events I had to take a normal 9 to 5 and put my passion on the back burner for many years. During this time I missed and reflected often on how influential the music really was to me and decided it was time to re-invent myself as a musician again.

I jumped out In Fayetteville Arkansas as a DJ/Producer to continue my lifelong dream of performing. I am influenced by so many legendary artist such as Carl Cox, Dieselboy, DJ Shadow, Q-Bert, and so many others. And hope to influence my listeners and strengthen the art of music.

Much love and light! Hope you enjoy my passion!

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