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I’m Darren aka DJ C one half of the Corporation my partner in crime is the Vinyl Junkie.
A little bit about me and how I started djaying , I started buying records In about 1985 , hip hop and soul and electro which was what really got me into what is now my passion in life.

I remember getting my first set of decks in 1988 but only had one with pitch control, this is now I think about it how much I was into becoming a DJ.

When acid house came onto the scene everything changed, The music the vibe the whole rave scene that took hold in the UK in the early 1990’s parties were huge massive crowds and the unity that come from that, And that was it i was hooked on it all.

I started playing on innocence fm in 89/90 in London, but soon moved to impact 88.2 FM with owner Joey Vasquez-aka- Mad Axe) around 90/91 for a few years which is part of what is today World Dance Radio
DJ C records I was playing at different venues in and around London , Sunny Isles, The Awakening, Tasco warehouse and plenty of illegal house parties in and around London and Kent area.
At the same time I was getting into studio production and made a tune around 94 with DJ Crazy, DJ Vinyl Junkie and (Mad Axe aka Joey Vasquez) Called Pirates Take control – Sub Frequency, It came out on Joey Vasquez’s Strong Island Records label.
I have also been playing abroad and went to Berlin Germany for a stint djing clubs and starting our own d&b night up called LETS GO which was hugely successful and made a big impact on the music scene in Berlin at that time. good times…
over the years after that ,things slowed down a bit cos of having children etc but I still have kept my roots in music and carried on expanding and did do a couple of other radio stations monster house was one of them which lead to playing some boat parties up the Thames.

The last couple of years have been quiet but the music never leaves you and now I’m back people lets do this

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