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Darryl Albers, "razzledaze", and "dirty-d" has always had a fierce passion for music since a young age growing up in South Africa. But in 1994 his passion for dancemusic was ignited by the waves of good music and Acid that was being imported onto the african shores.

Walking into the now infamous club 330 in Durban(fierce dj Matin McHale and funky duo Allistair and Roddy) aswell as the funky vibe and beatz coming from microclub “A.D”-with Gordon rinsing down the tunage , not to mention listening to Durbans most successful Dj “the maestro of all things soulful and funky” MIMI KESARIS cemented this passion and in a trip to new york in 1995 he explored all the record stores in Ny city and brooklyn and came back home with decks and a stack of plastic.

Sound enginering courses followed with a job at playzone recording studios”the playboyz” and gigs at Ziggies , banana-joes , meze , j.a.m.b-lounge , Limbo-Lounge, Monkey-Bar, Skyy-Bar and Tilt !!!Headline DJ @Redbull V.I.P tent[Durban july] Aswell as fortnightly gig at keg[dbn-north].

Friday night invited guest resident on East-coast-radio for 6 months [8-10p.m]. Live on tv (s.a.b.c) for dbn mayoral party@hilton hotel, played live on North beach for the A.S.P surfing event, and scores of underground partys. He then moved to London with courses in advanced dancemusic production[steinberg+propellorhead] and residency at Bar-Sia[wimbledon} and Living{brixton} aswell as gigs in Egg[kings cross] and partys with super cranking dj mate[stingrae] with partys at liquid[toughloving].

Music speaks louder than words though and “DIRTY-D” has owned a lot of dancefloors and played a lot of music.

Its all about the music!!!!!! Enjoy the mixes ,djing is not about being cool , its a soul thing , and Razzledaze takes pride in his vinyl collection , whether he is playing on a dancefloor in a club or at a houseparty or just at home “ace out” it makes no difference.

But takes pride in bringing across a road spectrum of mixes and genres of a truly great era of music, his mixes vary in style and he takes his music where his mood /or more importantly the clubbers mood dictates , been in stasis now watch this space , those tunes will outlive us all , enjoy them while you’ve got the pleasure of being human ,,,,,,,,love , peace and respect ,,,RazzleDaze …the original DirtyD.

You can currently watch Darryl Albers mix live at Henehans Late night venue in Westport, Ireland. As well as sunny days in The Towers beer garden on the beautiful Westport Quay. Darryl also has a weekly mix on renowned Internet dance station World Dance Radio which is run by Joey Vasquez himself. His weekly slot on World Dance Radio entitled “The Meltdown Radio Show” brings you slices of his huge vinyl collection collected over 20 years.

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