Brooklyn-based party purveyor Cityfox expands its NYE lineup to stretch for over 26 hours with the likes of Dixon, The Martinez Brothers, Recondite live, Steve Bug, M.A.N.D.Y. and more. With the initial lineup featuring Dixon, Honey Dijon, Job Jobse, Lee Burridge, Dance Spirit live, Serge Devant and Behrouz, the event had already accumulated buzz from […]

<p “=””>The Creative Footprint, a nonprofit civic initiative aiming to measure and index live music spaces, has its sights set on New York City.<p “=””>It first launched in Berlin in April, eventually marking the city’s Creative Footprint an 8.2 out of 10. The Creative Footprint offers a digestible analysis of a city’s nightlife scene using […]

A nightclub in Lincolnshire is cooperating with local authorities on a new campaign that puts drug itemiser machines at the club entrances in order to test patrons for illegal substances. Everyone who entered the Circle Nightclub had their hands swabbed and tested by the itemiser machines. The venue is the first in the area to […]

Belgian-German artist Carsten Höller is transforming a former 1920s film studio into what he describes as a “schizophrenic” nightclub. The Prada Double Club Miami will see the club split into two with one space designed as a tropical outdoor garden and the other a subdued space in melancholy colours. The music between the areas will also […]

Netflix will release a new documentary miniseries called Wormwood this month helmed by Errol Morris, director of The Thin Blue Line and The Fog Of War, that looks into the shady dealings of the CIA and its Project MKUltra human experiments. The operation which began in the early 1950s and was officially halted in 1973 saw the CIA using unknowing […]

Last May, the global music school Dubspot – an institute focused on teaching DJ and production skills – came under fire for scamming the students who had paid for its courses. A new feature article on FACT has revealed some further insight regarding the collapse of the production school, which ceased operations earlier this year following the scandal. Interviewing […]

A new video from MODEL 1’s How I Play series has just released featuring the one and only Carl Cox. The ten-minute video goes in depth, with Cox explaining his current DJ setup, insight into his style and preferences when playing and why he can’t imagine giving up Richie Hawtin’s game-changing MODEL 1. Carl details his four-deck […]

Jeff Mills and his cosmically in-tune music label Axis Records have revealed a beautiful and rare vinyl stabilizer made out of high-density metals. For those unfamiliar with the purpose of this curious gadget (which kind of looks like a grinder for your weed), Mills explains that the vinyl stabilizer “helps eliminate unwanted vibration” on your records […]

In an act of pure stamina and dedication, Italian DJ Joseph Capriati endured on the decks for an astonishing 25 hours and 30-minute marathon set at Miami’s Heart Nightclub this past weekend. Starting his set on Saturday, November 18, the veteran artist managed to conduct an unremitting and completely unexpected onslaught of dance music – prompting the […]

Barcelona festival Sónar is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year by sending music to outer space. Specifically composed pieces of music will be transmitted to a planet 12.4 light-years from earth called GJ 237b as part of the festival’s birthday. It’s the first time communication has been attempted with a potentially habitable exoplanet. Nina Kraviz, […]

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