An exciting combination of mega star talents have been revealed spending time in the studio together thanks to a short, but sweet clip from Anderson .Paak. Anderson, who is currently on a European tour with Bruno Mars, is seen in the clip jamming out in the studio with Nile Rodgers, Bruno and Guy of Disclosure, […]

XOYO has renovated its second room with the help of regular attendee of the venue, Artwork. The club, which is owned by The Columbo Group, has repositioned and upgraded the PA system as well as moving the decks into a more central location. The room has also become darker and its walls have been layered […]

A German court ruled that organizers of the Love Parade festival in 2010 will face trial for the deaths of 21 people who were crushed by a stampede. Seven years ago at Love Parade, thousands of people rushed a tunnel which was the only access to the techno festival. This resulted in a stampede that […]

The Indian state of Goa, known as the country’s rave and dance music destination, has announced it will crack down on the all-night dance parties which the state has become known for. Although no new legislation has passed, Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar shared that local authorities will start enforcing a ban on loud noise […]

The Chemical Brothers have released a VR Experience for their collaboration with indie band St Vincent. ‘Under Neon Lights’ from their ‘Born In The Echoes’ album has been paired with visuals from Virtual Reality company Within to tell a “psychological and physical coming-of-age story”, according to a press release. The Chemical Brothers added: “We’ve always […]

Word has been spreading of an underground talent named Sumiko Iwamuro, an 82-year old woman living in Japan who spends her days running a dumpling restaurant and her nights DJing techno at DecaBarz and superclubs around the country. The nightlife sensation, who’s spent the last 60 years making gyoza for her patrons, started mixing 12 […]

Toby Smith, the original keyboard player for Jamiroquai, passed away this week. Smith, who was 46 years old, was with the band from 1992 but left in 2002 due to “family commitments”. Jamiroquai news site Funkin wrote: “He set up a recording studio at his home, started producing cider with some friends, built up a […]

Police in Lincolnshire have made an appeal to the public to report signs of illegal raves this Easter weekend. A targeted task force has been set up under the name Operation Mastif, with landowners and farmers asked to be especially vigiliant. “Although we are not aware of any planned illegal raves this weekend, this operation […]

Keen to continue breaking records with his pioneering DJ career, Paul Oakenfold most recently announced his excursion series called SoundTrek, which began at the base camp of Mount Everest. After hiking up to 17,000 feet, he planned to play a set and become the first DJ to play the “highest party on Earth” while also […]

It seems a feature film dive into the mysterious and enrapturing story of Tupac Shakur is long overdue, and finally Lionsgate has arrived with the first official trailer of All Eyez On Me, a biopic about the late rapper that hits theaters June 16. Actor Jamie Hector plays the iconic Tupac and the brief, but […]

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