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Hunter S Thompson is famous for his gonzo journalism and of course taking loads of drugs. He is beloved and seen as the ultimate literary party-boy by any dude who picked up a book for the first time since required reading in high school. He was an innovative writer and most of all he is […]

A group of tourists rented an Airbnb in Canonbury, North London and flipped it into a fully functioning nightclub, which more than startled the surrounding neighborhood according to The Islington Gazette. In order to properly deliver the nightclub experience, the renters had a bouncer and brought in a soundsystem along a with a DJ and […]

With nearly 30 years of experience in music, Chris Liebing has done it all. As a DJ, producer, radio host, label boss and nightclub owner, the German’s influence has reached all corners of the globe. Having released his last single in 2010, Liebing has since dedicated himself to revolutionising his DJ sets and spreading the […]

Rumours of a TRON reboot are gaining momentum despite a second sequel being cancelled in 2015. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney is in the very early stages of development of a movie that they hope will star Jared Leto as a character called Ares. No writer or filmmaker is yet attached but the producer […]

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