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New survery finds that 98% of female artists suffer performance anxiety

Written by on 10th March 2022

New survery finds that 98% of female artists suffer performance anxiety

A new survey has found that 98% of female artists suffer from performance anxiety, with many citing their gender as the issue.

The survey, which was conducted by Pirate Studios, found that female artists were 28% more likely to experience performance anxiety than their male counterparts – and also saw that many cited their gender as the reason for feeling this.

One female DJ said that a perceived need to “compete” with male artists is what heightens performance anxiety for them. Another cites that simply being the only woman on a line-up makes them feel on edge.

The women who completed the survey all cited similar common factors for performance anxiety as the men who completed the survey – including fear of tough crowds, venues not being hospitable enough and fear of technical difficulties.

However, women have said that their gender exemplifies this — 60% of them feel they don’t have access to support.

As written on the Pirate Studios blog, one woman said: “Being on stage is very exposing and a very vulnerable place to be, especially if you are atypical in any way (and for live musicians, this can simply be not presenting being a cis white straight man).”

As part of the survey, women submitted suggestions for things that they think the music industry can do to be more inclusive and to close this anxiety gap. This includes having more diverse line-ups, having more safe spaces for artists, and having drug and alcohol protocols.

To discuss these proposed changes, Pirate Studios will be hosting an online panel on March 30 at 7:PM (GMT), with Vanessa Maria and TYSON. To find out more about ‘Break The Bias Panel visit their website here.