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Soho residents vote to save nightlife in the area

Written by on 17th September 2021

Soho residents vote to save nightlife in the area

Soho residents have voted for more control over planning decisions, meaning they can now block the development of skyscrapers in the area.

91% of residents and 89% of businesses voted to pass the Soho Neighbourhood Plan, which took into account the opinions of 3000 residents and those running businesses.

Those in the area can now draw up their own plans, and lobby for Transport for London, as well as the Westminster City Council to aid in making those plans a reality. Music venues, the building of skyscrapers and 29 other issues will now be decided by the residents.

This move will be made legally binding in eight weeks.

Matthew Bennett, who has been working on the plan since 2011, speaking to MyLondon said:

“This is an opportunity for local people. For the first time, they have control over how the area changes. The local community knows what it wants from the area.”

While another Soho resident, Stephen, also speaking to MyLondon said:

“The community needs a better voice. I think it will create a better conversation between the council and residents.”

There were worries amongst residents about the effect that certain plans could have on the busy nightlife of the area, which is home to a number of clubs, pubs and restaurants, with Skyscrapers and other plans posing a threat to local business and residents.