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“No sign” 5,000 person Barcelona concert caused COVID infections

Written by on 29th May 2021

“No sign” 5,000 person Barcelona concert caused COVID infections

Researchers in Spain have said there is “no sign” that a recent 5,000 person concert caused a higher level of COVID transmission among attendees.

Concert-goers were required to produce a negative COVID test on the day of the event and wear masks throughout, but no social distancing was required.

Six people who attended the concert last month tested positive for COVID within 14 days of attending the gig.

However, researchers found this rate of infection among attendees was half the rate people of the same age became infected in Barcelona during this period.

They also deduced that four of these people were infected elsewhere, leading them to conclude that the concert was not responsible for causing transmission.

“There is no sign that suggests transmission took place during the event,” infectious disease specialist Doctor Josep Maria Llibre told a news conference on Tuesday.

The concert, which was held at the Palau Sant Jordi venue featured a performance by the band Love of Lesbian, was allowed to go ahead as a pilot test event to examine the viability of staging large cultural events without leading to coronavirus breakouts.

The concert was backed by the Fight Aids and Infectious Diseases Foundation, which organised a smaller test event in December, which produced no new COVID-19 infections with the use of pre-screening antigen tests and the use of face masks despite no social distancing.

In February it was also announced that Barcelona venues are piloting a “100% COVID-free system” for indoor nightlife.

See footage of the 5,000 person concert below.