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Ibiza to be added to UK green travel list by end of June

Written by on 7th May 2021

Ibiza to be added to UK green travel list by "end of June"

Ibiza will be on the UK’s green travel list by the “end of June”.

A ‘traffic light’ system will determine which countries are safe to travel to this summer and The Mirror reports that Spain will be on the green list in under two months.

The traffic light system is due to be unveiled shortly in order to allow safe international travel for UK tourists from May 17.

Spain is currently on the amber list, which means travellers will face restrictions when travelling to and from the country, but a government source tells The Mirror that this is due to change to green by June.

“It’s a rolling, evolving list that is going to start off cautiously but could start to change quickly,” they said.

“It is not like a one-off list that affects the totality of the summer. It will update and other countries will be added.”

Elsewhere a government source told The Times that “June will look a lot more like normal, many of the traditional holiday destinations will be on the list by then.”

Spain has been adamant that it will have a tourist season this year. Ibiza clubs such as Ibiza Rocks and Amnesia have unveiled line-ups in the hope that ravers make it to the island this summer.

The “end of June” prediction is in line with the EU’s plan to open its borders to international tourism at around that time.