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Diplo on DJ culture: “It’s cheesy. It’s embarrassing”

Written by on 10th August 2017

Diplo on DJ culture: "It's cheesy. It's embarrassing"

Diplo most certainly falls under the EDM umbrella, but it’s not something he’s down with.

The Major Lazer member has claimed his entrance to the DJ world was never intended and his time within it seems to have scarred him.

Speaking to GQ about his association with EDM and festivals, he said: “They’re not fun. The music felt like it was on a loop. It felt soulless. I mean, DJs in general, the culture’s really ugly. It’s cheesy. Corny. It’s embarrassing. You know, I never wanted to be part of the DJ world. I just fell into it.”

Despite admitting to disliking Las Vegas – where he holds a residency – in the past, he says he’s not “mad” at it these days.

“It pays the bills. I can count on that money every year. Four years ago, I hated Vegas, but it’s changed a lot. The whole tide of that music is turning towards what me and my crew are doing.”

And what about the show with Dawson’s Creek actor James Van Der Beek playing him?

“It’s hard for me to watch. I’m not a showrunner or a writer or anything, and the first season is very literal – some of the stories I’ve told became actual episodes.”

Read the interview in full here.

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