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Hannah Wants remixes Muzi into a UK bass belter

Written by on 13th May 2017

Hannah Wants remixes Muzi into a UK bass belter

In the two years since starting Nando’s Music Exchange creative platform, the company has been shining a light on the music scene of its birthplace, Southern Africa.

Kicking off the series was artist Muzi, whose beats have been praised by Stormzy and even resulted in a trip to South Africa from the grime king.

Recently, Muzi was in London to talk to Radio 1 host Danny Howard, swapping ideas and inspirations about their relative local scenes.

Muzi also got the full English treatment from Hannah Wants who gave his track ‘Zenzile’ the UK bass treatment.

We caught up with Hannah to discuss her remix which you can listen to below.

1) What flavours did you try to bring to your remix of ‘Zenzile’?

It was my aim to inject a bit of UK bass to the track whilst keeping its South African authenticity.

2) Do you enjoy the remix process?

I do. I like to put the track I’m about to remix on repeat, listen to it in different settings and ideas soon start to flow. Remixing doesn’t come without pressure or obstacles but it’s part of challenge. Getting the balance right between respecting the artist’s work and putting your personal stamp on is the key.

3) Were you previously familiar with Muzi’s work?

I wasn’t no but when Nando’s sent me through Muzi’s full EP to listen to I was skankin’ round the studio for a good while before I got to work. His sweat VIP is fiya!

4) What has this project taught you about South Africa’s dance music scene and do you see any similarities in the UK scene?

The straight passion for music in both cultures is so strong. Whether it be for making the music, dancing to it, raving to it, just enjoying it… Music brings people together and in today’s climate that’s a very special thing right there. Taking part in a project like this made me appreciate life just that little bit more, music connects people from all around the world and I’m thankful to both Nando’s and Muzi for getting me involved.

5) Finally, how spicy do you go with your PERi-PERi sauce?

I like it hot!

Watch Nando’s latest episode of Tasting Notes below.

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