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Snap, the creators of Snapchat could be the new MySpace for music

Written by on 12th March 2017

Snap, the creators of Snapchat could be aiming to ‘get’ music in the way that MySpace did years ago.


Because of Facebook’s Silicon Valley culture they miss a few steps on exactly how to appeal to musicians and music fans, despite the fact that they have the largest audience, according to Tech Crunch.

While YouTube may be chomping at the bit to be the ultimate music streaming site, there are more players in the game. Snap for example may the one company to get it right for musicians in the global streaming market.

With MySpace, one of the biggest reasons the site became successful was because of the way that it made sharing music on your profile so easy. Every MySpace profile wasn’t complete without some music on it. The platform helped propel the careers of many independent musicians. The MySpace DJ program also contributed to the site’s growth.

<h4> Snap the new MySpace

According to Scott Keeney, Snap is the new next great platform and has the opportunity to own music amongst its competitors.

Evan Spiegel is well-known as a music lover with good taste. He appears to understand cool and understands the importance of music. Snap is also based in Los Angeles, where the music culture is richer than that of the tech driven Silicon Valley.

Snap is believed to want to enter the music market. They just haven’t totally figured out how to go about entering the sector yet.

The reason why Keeney thinks Snap will be perfect as a streaming platform is because of the way live stories are filtered on the Snapchat app. They filter the live stories down to the best entries and use Discover partners to take out the noise in news. With this approach they could be doing the same for music streaming.

Snapchat has the potential to re-invent audio the way that they reinvented the camera and how it is used. They could evolve what radio already is, the number one curating platform and where 58% of all audio consumption still takes place.

If they add Snapchat radio to the discover section it could make Snapchat the biggest music platform in the world, and target a $46 billion worldwide industry.

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