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Watch three videos exploring the art of Chris Liebing’s DJ sets

Written by on 10th March 2017

With nearly 30 years of experience in music, Chris Liebing has done it all. As a DJ, producer, radio host, label boss and nightclub owner, the German’s influence has reached all corners of the globe.

Having released his last single in 2010, Liebing has since dedicated himself to revolutionising his DJ sets and spreading the techno gospel, using the club as his church. His sole purpose is immersing his dancefloor and making them forget their outside worries.

“You might enter the club with your own problems,” Liebing said. “Work issues, problems at home, whatever. You might try to solve your problems in different ways, for example, alcohol or other substances. Or you can come onto the dancefloor, let everything go and work it out through the music.”

“Nothing against drops and good moments but you want to get the crowd into such a different world that they forget where they are and why they wanted to go and they find themselves like, ‘What just happened? What was that?’”

Beginning life as a vinyl DJ, Liebing has never been shy of evolving his set-up’s technology to stay ahead of the game. As an early adopter of Native Instruments technology, the original Machine remains at the heart of his set-up.

He’s also been a vocal proponent of Traktor, and was one of the loudest voices when the decision was made to retain the programs infamous sync button. Unlike hordes of other people who get hung-up on the authenticities of beat matching, Liebing isn’t bothered with syncing. To him, it’s all about creating new layers.

“[The Maschine] sits front and center in my setup, allowing me to transform another producer’s song into something completely different by adding extra drums or spicing it up with some new percussion or melodic elements.

“I have no problem with syncing. For me, it’s more important what comes out of the speaker. And if I don’t have to worry too much about staying in sync with everything else all the time, I can use that time to be way more creative and do other things.”

In Liebing’s words, his sets aren’t about instant gratification.

It’s sometime early in the morning at Fuse Club in Belgium and the Frankfurt native has his crowd in a trance. He’s given us an exclusive look into his booth for the night. Some subtle adjustments here, a kick taken out there, no tune is played the way they were intended. Each track is given modifications as to how he sees the dancefloor react to it.

“I think choosing the right tunes in the moment is the primary skill of a DJ. It’s super basic but super important. Now it’s less about the tracks. Now it’s more about how they’re put on the dancefloor.”

Watch Chris Liebing’s full set at Fuse Club from inside the booth below

More info on Chris Liebing’s collaboration with Native Instruments here

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